Design Assist

Rimrock understands the importance of a quality Design-Assist team. More than 90% of our projects use the Design-Assist method because this process creates greater satisfaction and value for our clients. The Design-Assist team is organized at the beginning of a project and includes our client, an architect, engineering staff, subcontractor consultants and our construction team.



Once design development nears completion, bids will be gathered in every category/trade of construction. The bids will be presented to the owner, designer and architect for review and approval. Bids include cost savings and value engineering options. Rimrock will assist in the funding by preparing construction cost breakdowns for the lending institution. There is no fee for these services.


Construction Management

Rimrock understands the importance of building a quality project while maintaining budgets and controlling costs. Services provided during construction are schedule management, quality control, budget and estimating, material and subcontractor procurement.


Integrity & Open Book Accounting

Rimrock clients are shown all bids and invoices pertaining to their projects. Our clients can verify that there are no hidden costs or additional mark-ups in our billing. Our goal is to build a trusting relationship with those we work with, and this is one of the key contributors to that success. We have a great relationship with our bonding agent and have virtually unlimited bonding capacity.


Value Engineering

By keeping the structural integrity and design elements in mind, Rimrock will look for alternative methods and products that are affordable for any project. In most cases, we start value engineering during the pre-construction and design stages of the project, carry this effort throughout the subcontractor buy-out, and continue during construction.