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Become a Bidder

To be included in our bidding process, please fill out the form below and email it to  We look forward to working with you.


If your firm has been awarded a contract on one of our projects, the following information/forms will help to expedite payments to you throughout the duration of the project.

To expedite payments for work subcontracted and performed on projects for Rimrock Construction, there are some items that require clarification from subcontractors. The following documents, forms and links will help make the process straightforward. 
All forms can be submitted by email (, fax (801.676.0208), U.S. Mail, or hand delivery.

SCR Letter with Payment Terms

If your firm has been awarded a contract for work on one of our projects, this letter should have been mailed to you.  For reference, we have posted the document here for ease of access to Rimrock's payment terms.  If you have questions regarding the information, please direct questions or comments to, or contact our accounting department.
SCR Letter with Payment Terms

W-9 Form

In order to set your firm up in our accounting system (thus, to be able to send you checks) the following form needs to be filled out and returned to the Rimrock office.

W-9 Form & Instructions

Certificate of Liability Insurance

ATTENTION! All subcontractors must review and comply with Rimrock Construction's insurance requirements.  Failure to comply with these insurance requirements will disqualify any potential bidder from consideration.  Please review the document below..

Certificate of Liability Insurance

Subcontractor's Schedule of Values & Request for Payment

Rimrock Construction requires all subcontractors to complete this form and schedule with each billing.  Subcontractors are required to work with the project manager on the project in which they have been subcontracted to complete the detailed information.  This form contains two tabs or sheets titled "Application" and "SofV" (Schedule of Values).  Please complete all the information on the SofV sheet and the information will automatically update on the application form for your billing.  Requests for payments must include the correct job information, subcontract number and payment details.  This form is in Excel format.
Subcontractor's Schedule of Values & Request For Payment Form *NEW*

This form must be received before a payment can be given to a subcontractor.  For faster results, this form should be filled out and returned by the subcontractor with the supplier's consent certifying any balance owed.

Supplier Notification Form

HUD Payroll Forms

If you have been awarded a contract on a HUD financed project, you are required to submit the Certified Payroll reports. The following link offers an example of the forms and instructions you will be required to follow as you submit your weekly payrolls through the Elation Systems as required by HUD.

Certified Payroll Form & Instructions

Links & Additional Information

To assist our subcontractors in the effort to verify information (supplier pre-lien notices, etc.) on the State Construction Registry (SCR), we are providing the following website link:

For detailed information and instructions download the "Subcontractor Letter with Payment Terms" at the link above called "SCR Letter with Payment Terms" regarding SCR/supplier notifications.  You may also email all inquiries and submit all completed forms to, or contact our accounting department at 801.676.7625.

How To Find Rimrock's Projects on the SCR